The INQAAHE Board sought expressions of interest from member agencies to host INQAAHE Forum 2022 by the end of 2019. Considering the venues for the INQAAHE annual events for the last ten years, preferences for hosting the INQAAHE Forum 2022 were given to Central, East and Southeast Asia; South America, Central America and the Caribbean; North America and Francophone Africa.

During the 2020 General Assembly Meeting the INQAAHE members voted for Forum 2022 to take place in Mexico City (Mexico), hosted by the Mexican Federation of Private Institutions of Higher Education (FIMPES).

Proposals to facilitate one of the four Major Sessions at our 13th Biennial Forum in Mexico City, entitled Sustainable Quality Assurance: Optimizing Synergies between Artificial and Human Intelligence, were welcome. The proposal should provide an outline of the sub-theme, the content of the session, presenter profiles and the methodology for engaging with the members. Preference were given to proposals that align most closely to the themes and offer innovative approaches, new methodologies and a genuine opportunity for participants to develop their knowledge and skills. As the Forum is an opportunity for discussion, the development of ideas, and the sharing of practices, the sessions should be interactive with a high level of participant engagement. Presenters and facilitators were encouraged to be creative and innovative in their ideas.

The deadline for submissions was October 15, 2021.

Information on the theme and sub-themes of INQAAHE Forum 2022 is available on the official call. Please, pay attention to the requirements for submission. For further information and questions, please contact the INQAAHE Secretariat and/or FIMPES at and

Date event: 
Monday, June 6, 2022 to Thursday, June 9, 2022