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Name Website Country/Regionsort ascending Acronym
Agency for accreditation of educational organizations and programms "Sapattuu bilim" http://sapatbilim.kg Kyrgyz Republic SB
Public Foundation Independent Accreditation Agency “BILIM-STANDART” https://www.bskg.agency/ Kyrgyz Republic BS
Agency for Accreditation of Educational Programs and Organizations www.aaopo.kg Kyrgyz Republic AAEPO
Agency for Quality Assurance in the field of Education (EdNet) www.accreditation.asia Kyrgyz Republic EdNet
National Bureau for Academic Accreditation and Education Quality Assurance https://nbaq.edu.kw/website/ Kuwait NBAQ
Kosovo Accreditation Agency http://www.akreditimi-ks.org Kosovo KAA
Korean Accreditation Board of Nursing Education http://kabon.or.kr/eng/index.php Korea, Rep. KABONE
Institute of Korean Medicine Education and Evaluation http://www.ikmee.or.kr Korea, Rep. IKMEE
Korean Council for University Education http://english.kcue.or.kr/ Korea, Rep. KCUE
Korean Accreditation Board for Health and Medical Information Management Education http://www.kahime.or.kr/ Korea, Rep. KAHIME
Korean Council For University College Education http://www.kcce.or.kr Korea, Rep. KCCE
Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating www.iaar.kz Kazakhstan IAAR
ARQA - Agency for Recognition and Quality Assurance in Education www.arqa.kz Kazakhstan ARQA
Eurasian Accreditation Agency https://eaaa.kz/ Kazakhstan EAA
Eurasian Сentre for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Health сare http://www.ecaqa.org/ Kazakhstan ECAQA
Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education https://iqaa.kz/en/ Kazakhstan IQAA
Independent Kazakhstani Center of Accreditation nkca.kz Kazakhstan NKCA
Higher Education Accreditation Commission www.heac.org.jo Jordan HEAC
Japan University Accreditation Association http://www.juaa.or.jp/en Japan JUAA
Accreditation Council for Practical Abilities http://www.acpa.jp Japan ACPA