Introduction to GPQA

We are delighted to present the INQAAHE Database on Good Practices in Quality Assurance (GPQA), which is an online searchable collection of systems and activities that are relevant to good policies, practices and outcomes in quality assurance.

-Please note that the included Good Practices are only available for members and affiliates of INQAAHE, Non-INQAAHE members are welcomed and encouraged to submit applications for Good Practices-

The GPQA Database has been developed by INQAAHE as a resource for QA agencies seeking information on good practices to adapt and adopt.
The basic principle of the selection is that the relevant system or action appears to be potentially transferable to other contexts and/or adds value to the growing knowledge base on QA. The following definition is used for entries to the Database:

““A good practice is an activity that is clear and coherent and that has been documented as adding significant value to the policies or practices of a quality assurance agency and/or its stakeholders””.
Good Practices accepted by INQAAHE have been verified through a validation process whether a submitted practice complies with the above definition.  Agencies are therefore requested to submit evidence (point 7 in the submission template) of success, impact or realisation of objectives. This evidence could be in the form of a commendation from an external review panel, evidence of use of the
practice by another external quality assurance agency or evidence from the applicant agency's internal quality assurance measures, such as feedback from educational institutions or panel members.

The validation is conducted by a group of reviewers, appointed by the INQAAHE Board, who have considerable experience from various jurisdictions with practices of operating an external quality assurance agency.

There are many good practices in QA, and perhaps insufficient opportunity to both celebrate them and share them. We expect that within a few years, and with the cooperation of the members, there will be many Good Practices in the Database. We trust that this will play a positive and constructive role in the ongoing quality enhancement efforts of quality agencies.
INQAAHE members are invited to submit good practices for inclusion in the database. Please consult the GPQA guidelines and the ground rules for the database, at the right before submitting your good practice.