About the MPL Center


The INQAAHE Marjorie Peace Lenn (MPL) Centre provides education and capacity building support to quality assurance professionals around the world through its online training center, quality assurance academic programmes, and research. The MPL Centre currently supports INQAAHE professionals in the following ways:

The MPL Center carries on the vision and work of its namesake, Dr. Marjorie Peace Lenn, a founding board member of INQAAHE, and one of the most innovative and forward thinkers on the globalization of higher education and its quality assurance systems. Dr. Lenn died of cancer in 2010, but it is the hope of all who knew her that the MPL Center will advance quality assurance through connecting those who think innovatively about the present and future view of QA in higher education, those who strive for excellence and the continual improvement in what is offered to students, and those who seek out the very best information on how to get started on the journey.