Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the general affairs of the Network. It is composed of nine members duly elected by the General Assembly to serve as Directors, up to four additional members co-opted by majority vote of the Board of Directors, and the Chief Executive Officer and the Immediate Past President.

According to the Constitution, the responsibilities of the Board are to:

  • Decide on the admission of members to the Network.
  • Exclude, upon the recommendation of the President, any member.
  • Ensure that any specific mandate determined by the General Assembly is executed.
  • Replace any members of the Board who resign between Ordinary Meetings. When the Board appoints a director to fill an occasional vacancy caused by the departure of an elected director, the appointed director will serve out the term of office of the departing director and is a full director with the same rights and responsibilities as the director they replace.
  • Take any necessary measures on behalf of the Network between meetings of the General Assembly.
  • Solicit and receive donations and sponsorship on behalf of the Network.
  • Consider and approve annual accounts within three months of the end of a designated financial year.
  • Prepare an annual report on finance and activities for the distribution to members within six months of the end of a designated financial year.
  • Decide, upon the recommendation of the President, to remove, by a majority vote of the full Board, any Director who does not fulfil the obligations outlined in article 41 and accepted as commitments to INQAAHE upon his or her election to the Board of Directors.

The Board works through committees, working groups and/or regional standing committees.

Board composition 2021 is as follows:


Deb Adair

Quality Matters (United States of America)

1st term as co-opted director (2019-2021)
1st term as elected director (2021-2024)


Chan Basaruddin
Vice President

National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (Indonesia)

1st term (2021-2023)



Anna Prades

Agency for Quality Assurance in the Catalan University System (Spain)

1st term (2021-2024)



Susanna Karakhanyan
Immediate Past President

Higher Education Policy and Regulation Director, Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (United Arab Emirates)

1st term (2015-2018)
2nd term (2018-2021)
Immediate Past President (2021-2024)


Mary Catharine Lennon

Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board in Ontario (Canada)

1st term (2020-2023)



Vicki Stott

Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (United Kingdom)

1st term (2021-2024)



Simona Lache

Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (Romania)

1st term (2021-2024)



Abigail Kramers

Accreditation Agency of Curaçao (Curaçao)

1st term (2021-2024)




Nataliia Stukalo

National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance (Ukraine)

1st term (2021-2024)



Fabrizio Trifiro

UK ENIC/Ecctis (United Kingdom)

1st term (2021-2024)




Co-opted directors

Wondwosen Tamrat

St Mary's University (Ethiopia)

1st term (2021-2023)



Tariq al-Sindi

Education and Training Quality Authority (Bahrain)

1st term (2021-2023)



Helmuth Trefftz

National Accreditation Council (Colombia)

1st term (2021-2023)