Among its activities INQAAHE holds:

  • A biennial conference and General Assembly in years ending in an odd digit. The conference attracts about 200-400 delegates and lasts for 3-4 days. The conference is open to anyone who pays and includes invited and funded keynote speakers. Paper presentations are an important element of the programme.
  • A biennial INQAAHE members’ forum for representatives of members in years ending in an even digit. This meeting last for 2-3 days and usually attracts 60-120 delegates. The forum is restricted to INQAAHE members and members of other networks. Fora are focused and practical.

Bid for hosting events
Events are hosted by member agencies. There are three basic steps to completing the application, review, and final selection process. The first step is submission of a brief preliminary proposal to the INQAAHE Secretariat expressing an interest in hosting either the event; the second step is the submission of a full application which responds in detail to all requirements needed; and the third and final step is the presentation of the final set of accepted applications to the INQAAHE voting membership at the General Assembly meeting.

Funding for attending events
INQAAHE members from less developed countries can apply for support from the INQAAHE development fund to attend the INQAAHE events.