Webinar repository


With the advent of the many challenges brought about by COVID-19 INQAAHE launched a new series of free webinars, specially addressed to INQAAHE members, Quality Assurance professionals and Higher Education institutions. These webinars featured conversations with experts in quality assessment for higher education and were intended to bridge the gaps and share knowledge across global regions.

The aim of this page is to provide all INQAAHE members and the general public with the recordings of these sessions, so that the discussion and outcomes can be shared with the whole community.


COVID-19 Series

Webinar 1: Online Assessment: Best Practices and Practical Solutions

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 8:00AM ET (Washington, DC)
Orla Lynch, Senior Adviser Higher Education and Quality (Ireland)
Dr. Leah Matthews, Executive Director, Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), Washington, DC (United States)
Mr. Gonzalo Tomarelli Rubio, Rector, IPLACEX Technical Institute, Santiago (Chile)
Dr. Dawn Gilmore, Director of Teaching and Learning, RMIT University, Melbourne (Australia)


Webinar 2: Access to, success and challenges in HE amid COVID-19 and beyond: the role of national/university governance and QA in mitigating the risks

Wednesday, July 8, 2020 at 8:00AM ET (Washington, DC)
Dr. Susanna Karakhanyan, President of INQAAHE
Mr. Jamil Salmi, Global Tertiary Education Expert
Prof. Paul Gaston, Trustees Professor Emeritus, Kent State University, Consultant to Lumina Foundation, Distinguished Fellow, AAC&U
Ms. Niamh O’Reilly, Chair of the Irish COVID-19 Tertiary Education Task Group on Mitigating Educational Disadvantage


Webinar 3: New realities for Quality Assurance and Online Resources: Reflections on INQAAHE's role within a global framework

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 at 8:00AM ET (Washington, DC)
Dr. Naji AlMahdi, Chief of Qualifications and Awards, Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA)
Natasa Hogue, Director of Library Services & Marketing, Library and Information Resources Network (LIRN)
Dr. Angela Yung-Chi Hou, Executive Director, Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT)
Dr. Martí Casadesús Fa, Director, Agency for Quality Assurance in the Catalan System (AQU)