INQAAHE Conference 2023
Roadmap to Enabling Quality in Tertiary Education 2030

May 31, 2023


Sub-theme 4 Core Values and Quality of Higher Education

Interactive session


Academic Integrity and ENQA quality assurance agencies: Where do we stand and where are we headed?

Integrity. An indisputable ethical code of academia and core INQAAHE value.

ENQA established a working group to research the role of QA agencies in supporting academic integrity and combatting fraud in higher education. The completed work resulted in thought-provoking findings and aimed to provide concrete guidance to agencies in order to help them take forward their work on this topic. A set of commonly agreed terminology and definitions was an area identified in the findings of the survey, and addressed in the ensuing WG report.

Join Sue Hackett and Yvonne Overdevest, QA professionals passionate about academic integrity, for a stimulating conversation session. A presentation about ENQA’s working group on academic integrity exploring the picture across Europe on the basis of a survey to ENQA members and affiliates will be followed by discussion. Participants will exchange perceptions and reflections on the roles of stakeholders with regard to academic integrity.

Facilitated by:

Yvonne Overdevest

Yvonne Overdevest is a senior policy advisor in the Dutch division of NVAO where she is involved in quality assurance at programme and institutional level. Yvonne is involved in internationalisation as well as NVAO training activities for accreditation panel members and secretaries. Desiring to strengthen higher education institutions in their quality culture she organises events for quality assurance professionals and higher education institution staff in the Netherlands. Yvonne is currently a member of ENQA’s Academic Integrity Working Group. Her special interests are internationalisation, academic integrity, student involvement, and teacher training. She holds an MA in English literature, an MA in education, and an MA in applied linguistics.


Sue Hackett

Sue Hackett works in the Partnership Division of Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI), as Manager - Academic Integrity Enhancement and Strategic Projects. In this role, she has initiated a number of projects related to academic integrity enhancement and also collaborates with colleagues responsible for various aspects of academic integrity and quality assurance. A key activity is the management of the National Academic Integrity Network providing opportunities for sectoral capacity building and ‘dynamic self-regulation’. In addition, Sue chairs the ENQA Academic Integrity Working Group. She holds an M.Sc. in Language Education and a PG Diploma in Public Service Management (Education).


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