INQAAHE Forum 2024
Transforming Society: Social Reponsibility trough Quality Assurance of Tertiary Education

June 11, 2024


Design-thinking workshop
Sub-theme 2: Bridging the gap to quality education for all

Sharing ideas and practices to enhance equity in Tertiary Education 

This workshop aims to identify, or devise, global policies and practices to increase opportunities to address inequalities in Tertiary Education, aiming at transforming the four Ps of equity: Perception, Policies, Practices and Participation.  

These practices can be found across different levels: macro-level (institutional and governmental policies), meso-level (equity units, career services; or external quality assurance bodies), and micro-level (classroom activities, learning environments); may happen at different times of the student life-cycle, and be targeted to different types of under-represented students.  

This workshop will begin with the presentation of the presenters’ experiences (AQU’s study about the role of HEIs in social mobility, catalogue of equity indicators and Framework for the “Incorporation of the gender perspective in University Education” and Unibasq’s assessments of the fulfilment of the agreements in the framework of the Basque University Plans which include strategic objectives regarding equity, equality and inclusion at the institutional level) and continue with the sharing of experiences from the participants.


Facilitated by:

Dr. Anna Prades

Dr. Anna Prades sits in the Board of Directors of the International Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (INQAAHE) as Treasurer, since October 2021. She is Head of Internationalisation and Knowledge Generation Department of AQU Catalunya, where she has been working since 2001. She has a degree in Psychology (1996) and a PhD in Pedagogy (2005) from the University of Barcelona. During the last years, her main endeavour in AQU Catalunya has been the building up of a system of evidences for quality assurance (official descriptors, academic indicators, assessment results, graduates and employer surveys) and the integration of these indicators in a platform for public information in order to generate trust in the Catalan Higher Education System (EUC studies).


Dr. Eva Fernández de Labastida

Dr. Eva Fernández de Labastida is the Internationalisation and projects manager of Unibasq – the Agency for Quality of the Basque University System (since 2009). In the beginnings of her work for Unibasq she was responsible for the coordination, organization and implementation of the accreditation procedures and institutional audits in the universities of the Basque University System, including training of peers. In addition, nowadays, she is in charge of the international activities of Unibasq in different networks, as INQAAHE, ENQA (European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education) and ECA (European Consortium for Accreditation in Higher Education), mainly in topics related with joint programmes, academic recognition, employability and internationalisation. Since June 2017, she chairs the working group regarding recognition and joint programmes of ECA and since June 2018, she has been a member of the Board of ECA, being appointed as chair in June 2023.



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